New COVID-19 cases confirmed in Kitsap county.

The Kitsap Public Health District issued a statement in which they confirmed approx 40 new Coronavirus cases in the previous 24 hours, bringing the total to 5,334 since the pandemic began in March in Kitsap county.

In the previous two weeks, the Kitsap county’s COVID-19 cases rate per 100,000 residents has immensely dropped to 129.7, meaning the county is still over a “high level” of coronavirus activity, per state guidelines.

The health district said, “while a significant number of new cases are still reported each day, our team has noted an overall decline in cases since early January.”

Travelling during the corona virus pandemic

It is noted that there have been more than seventy virus-related fatalities in Kitsap county alone and 26 such deaths since the beginning of 2021. Of the 71 deaths, 38 were community members around the age of 80 and older, 21 people around the age of 70-79, 8 people around the age of 60-69, 2 people around the age of 50-59, and 1 each with ages around 40-49 and 30-39. The health district didn’t clearly outline that how many people have had other health conditions but somehow reported the first 43 people who died having severe health conditions.

Last month the health district stated about much more deaths have been linked to outbreaks. The health district said that the Madrona House, a long-term care facility on Bainbridge, has an active Coronavirus outbreak of 17 cases. In North Kitsap, other active episodes at such facilities include Harbor House, which included 15 patients; Liberty Shores, which had 13 issues; and Brookdale Montclair, with 14 cases altogether.

Corna virus deaths

115 Coronavirus cases have been considered in “isolation” through the health district, meaning they are “confirmed COVID-19 cases who are in their isolation period”. 10 days after first symptoms were discovered. 426 “total contacts in quarantine” have been additionally validated in Kitsap, which means they are “residents who had been determined to be contacts of confirmed cases and are in their endorsed quarantine period,” which is 14 days after contact with the case.

Of the 5,334 complete Coronavirus cases, 252 have been reported on Bainbridge Island, 1,406 in Bremerton, 1,262 in Central Kitsap, 923 in North Kitsap, and 1,491 in South Kitsap.

To date, the range of vaccine doses given with the aid of Kitsap services is 31,475.

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