Coronavirus: Governor Inslee signs bill to help small businesses.

WASHINGTON — Governor Jay Inslee signs the bill into law promoting local businesses, employees, and workers’ welfare. The state Department of Health issued a statement that there are more than 300,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Washington alone, and more than 4000 people have lost their lives from the virus statewide. The state says that around 1 million doses of vaccine have been administered.


At present, we are in Phase 1B tier 1 of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, which basically means the vaccine would be made available to anyone under the age of 65 and older and all people under the age 50 and older.

Coronavirus cases across Washington state.

An unemployment bill has formally been signed into the law in Washington state, marking the first bill to get Governor Jay Inslee’s consent this year. Touted by legislators as an assisting hand to small businesses, the invoice surpassed both the House and the Senate late in January with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Health officers say there have been 307,189 established cases of coronavirus in Washington state alone and 4,451 deaths because the outbreak began last year.

Corona virus and businesses

Snohomish County’s COVID-19 cases are continuing to steadily decline, a trend that’s developed persistently over the last month. On Monday, the county pronounced 173 points per each and every 100,000 residents, down from the 418 cases per 100,000 it had in late-December to early-January.

The three W’s are paying off:

Wear a Mask; Wash your hands; Watch your distance,” Snohomish County Health stated Monday.

Seattle Public Schools has delayed its reopenings until the cease of March, while private colleges in Seattle and other public school districts in the state have already opened their doors.

The federal government says that employers can make the vaccine mandatory, although most local businesses, small businesses, workers, and employees say they’re now not planning to require it.

Hospitals throughout the Washington state are scrambling to pull thousands of fake N95 masks off their cabinets after receiving an alert from the masks’ manufacturer, 3M, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Business during the coronavirus

After home and social transmission, workplaces are the next most probable region to contract coronavirus in Washington state. King County epidemiologist Vance Kawakami says one reason for the spread in the administrative center is that many infected people are asymptomatic, and both never show signs or are infected and can spread the virus earlier than they improve symptoms.

Kawakami says poorly ventilated work sites or where employees are crowded together, like in factories, at development sites, and in some restaurants. — like taking your masks off in the break room to eat, drink, or socialize — add to the risk. Non-work areas like carpools and before and after work socializing can additionally be problematic.

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