Many seniors get the Coronavirus vaccine at an event.


Nearly Fifty senior citizens at the Hostmark Cove Apartments had been recipients of COVID-19 vaccines. The city is putting a lot of effort into getting every single individual vaccinated.

Together with Kitsap County, the town of Poulsbo, in its mass vaccination effort by way of partnering with the Kitsap Public Health District, Department of Emergency Management, Poulsbo Fire Department, and nearby pharmacies such as Safeway to host show-up vaccination sites.

Kim Hendrickson, director of Poulsbo’s Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee, stated that “The city of Poulsbo has been absolutely impressed with what county public fitness has been doing with mass vaccinations, but we realized that there’s a lot of human beings in our community that can’t go to mass vaccination sites due to the fact of mobility issues or merely attempting to signal up to get a vaccination.

Poulsbo Mayor Becky Erickson asked Hendrickson to set up a mass vaccination effort in Poulsbo, intending to rapidly vaccinate individuals who would rather have difficulty getting vaccinated, for instance, senior citizens and others with mobility problems.

COVID-19 vaccine

Kim Hendrickson, director of Poulsbo’s Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee, said, “Through her leadership, we’ve been able to partner with” the Medical Reserve Corp and “just a whole lot of volunteers to work together to figure out how to bring these vaccines to the community”. In this case, the Safeway pharmacy in Poulsbo set aside about 50 COVID vaccines for seniors at the Hostmark Cove Apartments.

Kim Hendrickson is optimistic that more and more show-up vaccination locations will be coming as soon as possible. He further stated that “This is the first of what I hope to be many pop-up vaccination events in Poulsbo. What we do depends entirely on how many vaccines we can get from local pharmacists and providers.

We have a list of places we would like to go, but are welcoming suggestions from the public on places where there might be a large number of seniors or other people eligible for the vaccine that have trouble getting to the other vaccination sites”.

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