Reasons why small businesses should use Text Messaging to reach clients.

Text messaging has overtaken the use of direct calling yet still provides a 2-way personal conversation. According to mobile squared, 90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. That kind of attention to marketing material is gold dust to businesses.

As a marketing tool, SMS has really grown in stature. In recent years businesses have found a way to adapt SMS and optimize SMS for use as a service tool. In the main, because of its many advantages!

  • Immediate delivery

As far as delivery goes, SMS is pretty quick, and it’s also efficient – taking only seconds to reach a vast audience. It’s rare to get such a quick and fast personalized message to an audience with that kind of speed.

  • Immediate results

Businesses will instantly be able to see those who have received it, along with other analytical data such as those who have opened it, read it and of course, the important one, which is those who have responded.

  • It’s easy

Texting is easy for  customers. Most consumers usually have a mobile device within arm’s reach 24/7, and sending and receiving texts doesn’t disrupt their day.

  • Easy to engage

Since messaging is so popular, engaging with customers happens with less friction.   Whether receiving inbound texts from customers who want to buy something or to book an appointment, or sending outbound messages to customers to inform them of their order status or to remind them of a promotion, information exchanged to and from customers happens on their preferred channel, which means they can build stronger relationships to fuel brand loyalty and higher revenue.

  • Makes Your Customers’ Live Easy

33% more people have access to mobile phones than toilets! As of last year, sixty percent of total digital media time spent in the United States was on mobile and this number is growing rapidly. Given the time your customers are already spending on mobile devices, mobile communication will make their life easy! 

  • Reduce operational costs

Phone calls take up a lot of time and, if they are handling communications in-house, every inbound phone call is an interruption keeping that employee from completing other tasks. 86% of  inbound calls to businesses are placed on hold, causing one third of callers to hang up immediately, costing businesses countless leads.

  • It’s green

People are ever more conscious of their environmental impact. A great way to help this is by marketing through mobile coupons – a simple SMS message with all the promotional information in it. And with the added benefit of two-way SMS messaging, customers can simply respond with a text back to the business to redeem their discount. There’s no unnecessary packaging or printing and the environmental impact is negligible. 

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