55 new cases of Coronavirus in Kitsap County.

Kitsap: The Kitsap Public Health District confirmed 55 new Coronavirus cases in just 24 hours, bringing the subtotal since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March to 4,679. Around 10+ Coronavirus cases were reported in North Kitsap and one on Bainbridge Island.

Three new COVID-19 deaths were reported on Friday, bringing the total number since March to 53 in Kitsap County.

Over the previous two weeks, the county’s effective case rate per 100,000 residents is 233.3, which means the county is over a “high level” of coronavirus activity, per guidelines, with a case above 75 over the previous 14 days.

A whole of 238 new cases had been reported in isolation” with the help of the fitness district, which means they are “confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases who are in their endorsed isolation period, a total of 764 people. “Close contacts in quarantine” were also verified in Kitsap, meaning they are “residents who had been determined to be close contacts of tested cases and are in their recommended quarantine period.

Bainbridge Island

Of the 4,679 total cases, 213 have been reported on Bainbridge Island, 1,216 in Bremerton, 1,103 in Central Kitsap, 802 in North Kitsap, and 1,345 South Kitsap.

Due to excessive testing at the state Department of Health, the current negative tests and positive test numbers over the last 15 days are not available at this point. Based on contact tracing work, the district maintains that the spread among family members, relatives, neighborhoods, communities, and households was a key driver of recent increases. To prevent further spreading of COVID-19, all family members need to stay home, maintain social distancing, avoid contact with others if any member of their household has any kind of symptoms.

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