What Should You Do to Convert Your Salespeople into Consultants?

Kitsap County: You should bring about a change in your mindset and embark on a journey of transforming your salesperson into a consultant. The consultants should:

Be an ambassador of customers and protect their interests even at the cost of the business’s part. Help small business reach their goal.

Not strive to sell products or services but build deep emotional relationships with customers.

Not attempt to monetize at every transaction; doing it over the lifetime of the relationship.


The customer’s confidence and trust and inspire faith and hope.

Empower them to make decisions,

Invest in training them, so they are always updated.

Motivate them to imbibe excellent work ethics, Reward and recognize them when they display these behavioral traits.

By following these guidelines, some businesses will be lost; but in the process, the trust of customers will be won, and the reciprocity and likability principles would be called into play.

Next time the customer has business requirements, who will he reach out to your company? Of course, you! Did you notice that instead of you running after the customer, they are seeking you out? What a refreshing change!

We know what’s on your mind: should I take the risk and follow this advice? Do you have a choice in this day and age?

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