KITSAP—Just for grins, let us tell you about some of the more unusual pitches that you’ve had the honor of hearing:

Make Israel into an amusement park for the rest of the Middle East.

Build a geodesic dome over Los Angeles. (I forget whether the dome’s purpose was to contain the pollution in Los Angeles or prevent more corrosion from entering Los Angeles.)

Build a dirigible to function as a hospital in the sky.

Sell plots of land on the moon.

Sell plots of land on the moon.

Float a giant inflatable turtle above San Francisco that’s a hotel.

Enlarge breasts using hypnotherapy.

Manufacture an invisible car—pitched with the warning that it would be given to the Iraqis if a U.S. firm didn’t fund it.

Sell a battery-powered device that you clip to your nose to keep you warm.

Print out sandwiches.

Create a new currency for the world; the entrepreneur was seeking a trillion-dollar investment.

As crazy as these ideas sounded, 3-D printing and Bitcoin happened!

The 5-in-1 “winner.”

A traveling mobile education system

A traveling mobile education system

Greenhouse prisons producing chefs out of inmates



Try a job before you take it.

Replace tombstones with trees

A mobile app that lets you talk to a Veterinarian about anything

Rivvibe “The Hydration Experience”

The Pink Web

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