Three Bainbridge Island teens killed in an accident.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND – A terrible and brutal car accident on Bainbridge’s sunrise drive killed three teenage girls on the very evening of March 16.

Bainbridge police stated that the car has been traveling at a hazardous speed. Just before the accident happened, the vehicle was spotted on the Bainbridge sunrise. After few minutes, the car hit numerous trees and rolled over and over, resulting in the teenage girls’ traumatic death.

Before 9 p.m., Bainbridge Island police responded to a terrible accident off Sunset Drive on Bainbridge island’s eastern side.

The three teenage girls dead attended Bainbridge high school. Two of the three were 14-year-old girls, and a 16-year-old girl was declared dead at the accident scene.

Bainbridge Island

“They grew up here on Bainbridge Island,” said Dr. Peter Bang-Knudsen, Bainbridge Island Superintendent. “They attended elementary, middle school, and Bainbridge High School. They were teammates, they were classmates, they were friends with so many people. This is gonna have a deep impact on our community.”

The Bainbridge school district, which opened the school a few days back and started on-campus classrooms on March 1, provides grief counselors for students, teachers, and staff.

“The scope and scale of three young lives being lost in that moment are complicated to comprehend,” said Dr. Bang-Knudsen.

The tragedy hit hard on the family and friends of all the three teen girls. Everyone offered their condolences to family members. The Bainbridge police are still investigating the accident.

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