Strategies to Support Your Employees Through a Crisis

Employee retention is one of the biggest threats to businesses throughout the country. The tide has shifted in recent years, and the employees now have more power than ever in their relationships with employers. In fact, 65 percent of workers believe they can leverage this control to their advantage through salary and benefit negotiations.

One way for businesses to keep employees satisfied and committed is through employee growth and professional development initiatives. 

Here are six ways to support employee growth and professional development in the workplace.

Support work-life balance

Hard work is a prerequisite for career advancement, but that doesn’t necessarily mean committing to an endless series of lengthy workdays. Encourage your employees to work smart, maximize their efficiency, and leave time and energy for their interests outside of work. This advice is especially important for remote team members who may find it difficult at times to keep work and life separate.

Provide Individualized Support

When leaders showed an understanding of employees’ needs, preferences, and circumstances when it came to work arrangements, employees felt it provided the individualized support they needed to help them accomplish work goals. This practice (mentioned by 21% of participants) was especially relevant at the beginning of the pandemic and remains true as the crisis continues. 

Organize virtual happy hours and networking events

One advantage of working remotely is that it collapses physical distance. If your company’s offices are spread across multiple states, countries or even continents, this is a perfect opportunity to bring employees together for virtual events. 

Ensure employee safety 

Keep the health and well-being of employees as the top priority. Encourage employees who experience symptoms to stay at home and, if possible, adjust leave policies to ensure that sick workers can quarantine at home without losing their income. 

Promote fair workplace practices 

Make sure that workplace policies align with the organization’s principles and commitments and maintain fair treatment for all employees. Ensure that everyone, especially those in low-income groups, has equal access to the company’s healthcare policies, for example. In the meantime, leaders should allow on-site employees to use their usual sick or paid leave as needed.

Encourage Mentoring and Coaching

Another way for businesses to look internally to support employee growth and professional development is through mentoring and coaching programs. The modern workforce has changed, and employees no longer respond well to demands or orders. Rather, managers must learn to work in tandem with their employees, similar to a coach or mentor. 

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