Kitsap County man arrested with missing Lynnwood girl.

On Feb. 26, the Lynnwood police detained Kitsap County after he was found with a 12-year-old Lynnwood girl who had been missing.

As reported by the Lynnwood police department, the Lynnwood police detectives took into custody the Individual with constant assistance from the FBI and Kitsap county sheriff’s office. The Individual is accused of planning to meet and then carrying the girl to his own house in Kitsap county.

The 12-year-old Girl from Lynnwood had been reported missing Thursday, Feb. 25, after she was last seen in the Meadowdale area in Lynnwood.

Lynnwood girl

Lynnwood police spokesperson Joanna Small reported, ” The man was taken into custody, and the minor was recovered safely with no visible physical injuries.” Joanna Small also remarked that the 12-year-old girl knew the Individual, which was not their first time meeting in person.

Joanna small further stated that the family of the girl knew nothing about the Individual. The Individual was secretively in contact with the girl and planned to take her to his own residence.

After an initial investigation, officials established probable cause to detain the accused for numerous charges, including hiding minor and second-degree child molestation. The accused was booked into Snohomish County Jail, and the investigation is still going.

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