Coronavirus pandemic: Without the consistent implementation of effective face masking and strict social distancing, epidemics could worsen as these new variants rapidly spread and become predominant, said the Coronavirus task force. The White House task force for the COVID-19 pandemic has issued a stark warning of a USA variant of COVID-19 that could be fuelling the already aggressive spread of the Coronavirus. This new variant, the task force pointed out, is separate from the United Kingdom coronavirus variant that is touted to be 70 percent more contagious.

That was clear this week as Kitsap Public Health officials announced seven more people died from Coronavirus, coming on the heels of a substantial rise in COVID-19 containment in the last few days and keeping in mind that new cases have marginally dunked since their peak in mid-December, the transmission stays at significant levels: Kitsap County is actually adding more than 30 unique topics for every day, as indicated by the latest information from the Kitsap Public Health District.

Kitsap health District

Recent outbreaks at two Bremerton nursing homes have only adjoined the strain. Throughout the United States, new cases of deaths are pouring in. Last month marked the county’s most dangerous month yet, and health officials warn January could get even worse because of weekend travel and mass gatherings. On Wednesday, the U.S. announced its biggest tally of Coronavirus deaths in a single day at nearly 3,899, the Associated Press reported. 

The United States now stands at 367,000 COVID-19 deaths, including more than 3,600 fatal cases in Washington state alone. In Kitsap County, there have been 45 fatal cases since the Coronavirus pandemic started, nearly half of which were reported in the last few months. 

Those deaths sadly comprise of people like Mariano Matias Mendoza, a pioneer in the nearby Guatemalan people group who deciphered for local Mam speakers; ‘Granny Jo’ Hunter, who was known for her sewed cloaks and her devotion for helping other people; and Ron Noyes, a trade-in vehicle salesmen who hosted an affection for huge gatherings, opening Christmas presents and his family. 


Focus has completely turned toward vaccination efforts as states try to pick up the pace on a stagnant start to vaccine rollout. Like other states, Washington has administered just a small amount of the doses that have arrived at the initial eligible group of health workers, first responders, and people in long-term care facilities.

While Kitsap has done better than other parts of the state when it comes to administering coronavirus shots, Kitsap Public Health officials announced that the process has faced a sequence of challenges, containing a small supply of vaccines being delivered to the Kitsap county and a shortage of individuals who can properly administer them. 

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